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Simpletons Consistent Swing Motion

Traditional thinking has a golf bag filled with one long club, a driver, a putter, and the 'control' clubs, the irons, consisting of seven, eight or nine different lengths. When Ben Hogan was tuning up for a tournament, he'd spend nearly an hour hitting practice balls with 'each' iron, an eight hour practice effort for just the irons .. not surprising with all those iron lengths.

For the 'average' player the problem with irons is this 'length complexity': You have to master multiple iron lengths instead of a single driver or single putter.

A recent white paper describes the problem of variable iron club lengths as one cause of an average golfer's inability to improve his/her game. Re-Engineering the Average Golfer Iron Game.

But think...

Many times you will become proficient with one or two irons, maybe the 5 and 9 (or 7). You hear the same story over and over "I can really hit my 5 and my 9 --- but nothing else". Know why? It's due to repetition. But achieving and maintaining consistent swing motions for multiple length irons (i.e. seven, eight or nine swing motions for seven, eight or nine irons) is more difficult than for only two lengths. And this brings us to Golfengineering's premise that there are too many lengths to master to adequately program your irons without incessant shotmaking. And this is the issue Simpletons addresses.

Golfengineering LLC has given 'consistent swing motion' serious thinking and has developed a fresh approach to game improvement for those desiring lower scores. It addresses the iron game with the next generation of irons, Simpletons 'two length iron system'.

Simpletons 'two length iron system' consists of two groupings of irons, the high irons comprised of the 7-8-9-10-11 and the mid irons 4-5-6. The high irons are technically matched to one another in this group; they have the same length, lie angle and swing weight. The mid irons are also technically matched to one another within its group; they have the same length, lie angle and swing weight. Simpletons 'two length iron system' design has the intuitive advantage of reducing the number of swing motions from 8 or 9 down to only two (2) you need to master.

With Simpletons, you are encouraged to hit your 5 and 9 on the practice tee because when you hit your 5 and your 9 well, you will hit the balance of your irons well. The reason is that the 4, 5 and 6 irons are technically matched .. they all 'feel' like the 5 iron. The 7 through 11 are also technically matched .. they 'feel' like the 9 iron. This is a real game improvement concept because you can now practice your iron game with only two irons instead of eight or more. Simplicity is better than complexity!

For those comfortable with their hybrid mid-irons, the Simpletons short set is the ideal complement. The short set consists only of the high irons. Since these are all weight and lie matched with the same length, only one consistent swing motion is needed for all your high irons!.

Forget multiple length irons

The solution to the iron game is simplifying it. By that we mean reducing the number of swing motions you have to make. If we need to hit a shot 120 yards versus 150, we know we'll need to use a higher iron. The essential difference in irons is their 'loft' angle with the 'loft' of a high iron greater than the lower iron. With higher 'loft' we hit the shot higher and a shorter distance than with lower 'lofts'. Theoretically, If we could swing every iron in our bag with the same swing motion and velocity, only then would our problem be really solved. We simply need to select the iron with the correct loft angle letting the 'loft' determine the distance. But remember, in today's iron sets each iron is a different length than its siblings. The iron set is tapered so that there is a uniform 1/2", or so, difference between irons, number to number. So a 5 iron is generally 1/2" shorter than a 4 iron and so on.

Multiple lengths add complexity to the iron game meaning that even when we select an iron with the correct loft angle we must still adjust for the length of each iron. Different iron lengths mean each iron will require positioning either a greater or shorter distance away from the player's body, and each iron will require a different swing arc.
All this adds up to 9 sets of swing motions and decisions if you have 9 irons in your bag. Such adjustments are readily achieved with consistency for the pros who have put time in to hit thousands of practice shots, but all these adjustments related to tapered irons are very difficult to achieve for the average player with less time to practice.

Simpletons reduces the number of these swing decisions to a manageable two, translating to a more manageable iron game.

Simpletons irons
... the path to golf transformation

Simpletons iron heads are precision cast to extremely tight design specifications for consistent weight, loft and lie angles. Heads feature a deep perimeter weighted cavity for maximum mishit forgiveness ... extra muscle is placed in the sole for improved lift ... a large quad-radiused sole helps improve shotmaking particularly on 'fat' hits ... at address, a player is presented with a beautiful high polish finish, friendly wide top line and contrasting black and white face scoring lines to assist sharp shot framing at address ... a large head offset enables proper grip placement.

All Simpletons irons are matched by swingweight so each iron, mid or high, will feel alike when swinging. The weight and lie angle of the high irons are the same, and likewise, the weight and lie angle of the mid-irons are the same.

Simpletons come with Golfengineering's unique length architecture joined with high quality unstepped matched Harrison Professional steel shafts. Soft traction Golf Pride grips in charcoal black with trim accent round out a superb package of unique design plus the highest of quality. .

There are no miracles to improvement in the game of golf.

Buying a new set of multiple length irons every few years doesn't improve your competitive standing. It's only a repeat performance. Einstein once quipped "doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome, is nonsensical". For real improvement, you need to change your thinking.

Golfengineering LLC Simpletons simplify shotmaking in the iron game. Instead of a complicated set of multiple swing setups and motions for every iron (typically eight), you have only two with Simpletons. Harvey Penick, the venerable golf teacher, had the right idea. Use common sense and keep it simple.

Common Sense ..

As anyone who has tried to break a bad habit knows, nothing lasting will happen until YOU DECIDE to make it happen. No matter what the advertised claim and no matter how many honest faced actors attempt to influence you by suggesting what’s worked for them will somehow work for you, you know any REAL change is dependent on yourself.

The question is whether one set of irons offers any real hope for improvement than another set. We feel Simpletons does because it reduces the complexity of the iron game by having you routinize two iron swings rather than eight or more.

Common sense will transform your game, not advertising hype.

.. Want REAL game improvement? Try Simpletons 'two length' Iron system by Golfengineering LLC.

Simpletons are available exclusively through Golfengineering LLC, which has assembly operations in Williamstown, New Jersey and Pasadena, California. Acceptable payment methods include checks, money orders or secure electronic payment via Paypal. Items paid by personal check are held for check clearing.

Demo Club Program

Simpletons Golf primarily sells irons via the internet. For those individuals who would like to test out a club to see how it looks at address and feels upon impact, we have created a demo club option. Simpletons Golf will provide a high iron (9 iron) OR a mid-iron (5 iron) for a refundable fee of $ 30 prepaid. The club will be mailed to US based locations via Priority mail. The prospective buyer need only specify the flex - men's Regular, Senior, or women's and if standard length is desired. Only one club can be delivered under this demo program.

The priority box should be saved for return mail. After evaluation, the potential buyer will mail the test club back to Simpletons Golf for a full refund of their $ 30, less postage, regardless if they opt to buy a full set or short set of Simpletons Irons or decide not to buy whatsoever. The refund option expires in 45 days from the initial shipment date from Simpletons Golf. Simpletons Golf will attempt to provide 'new' demo clubs but that depends on demo club availability.

Irons sets

Catalog # Description Price Length
SR105 Men's irons 4-11, Regular flex $ 640 Mid=38"; High=36"
SA205 Men's irons 4-11, Senior flex $ 640 Mid=38"; High=36"
SL305 Ladies irons 4-11 $ 640 Mid=37";High=35"
SR605 Men's irons 4-11, Regular flex +1/2" $ 640 Mid=38 1/2";High=36 1/2"

Short Sets

SSETR1 Men's high irons 7-11, Regular flex $ 400 Length=36"
SSETA2 Men's high irons 7-11, Senior flex $ 400 Length=36"
SSETL3 Ladies high irons 7-11 $ 400 Length=35"
SSETR6 Men's high irons 7-11, Regular flex +1/2" $ 400 Length=36 1/2"

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